Happy Rollies provides engaging ice cream making workshop for all groups and ages.
Happy Rollies provides ice-cream making workshop for groups of all ages.
Engage us to hold a workshop at your specified location or have it at our location!


Public Workshop


Monthly workshop opened to the public!

Looking for a fun and engaging family event?

How about heading over to Happy Rollies and have a fun filled ice-cream making day?



Adult: $40/Pax

Children (12 and below): $50/Pax

10% off Happy Rollies DIY ice-cream pan for all participants!

*15 pax minimum.

*1 hour workshop


Let’s make ice-cream together with your work friends and colleagues, team building has never been sweeter!


Enjoy the joy of making ice-cream as a team or spice it up with an ice-cream making competition! Happy Rollies will provide everything you need for a joyous team bonding ice-cream making session.



1-50 participants: $30/Pax

50 or more participants: $25/Pax

*Includes a free Happy Rollies DIY ice-cream pan for all participants!

(U.P. $70)


Location Requirement

·       1 Hour set up time.

·       1 to 2 power point for freezers.

·       Enough working space for all participants.



* Ice-cream making materials, ingredients, and tools are all inclusive of the prices stated above.